Leslie – Woman of Character

Republican Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner

Politics and religion, the very subjects our parents told us to avoid.  This election cycle, at all levels, has proven to be trying and disappointing for many reasons that I will not go into now.  Therefore, when the time came to begin the process of choosing the “best candidate” for Kootenai County Commissioner the field seemed to be cut of the same cloth, just dressed a little different; until I met Leslie Duncan and learned more about her education, training, and expertise, wow!

Ms. Duncan is accessible, composed and exudes genuine sincerity in representing all of Kootenai County’s residents without prejudice. I have observed her work tirelessly and with determination, in some cases beyond what most would be willing to subject themselves, personally reaching out to our community. Ms. Duncan continues to prove she has not only the gravitas to serve Kootenai County, but is the only choice if one desires a representative that is disciplined, level-headed and ethical.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “No change of circumstances can repair a defect of character.” Character is the substance of a person; Ms. Duncan’s character speaks volumes, and many in our community substantiate her uprightness. I find no other candidate in the race that is more justified in bearing the badge of Public Servant or Representative than Ms. Duncan does.  She will serve the community free of residual political frustrations; her judgment will be unadulterated, and her demeanor will be a pleasure to encounter.

I will join the many others in our community in casting my vote for Leslie Duncan for Kootenai County Commissioner.


Ramona Grissom Kootenai County Rural Resident Athol, Idaho May 13, 2016

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